Unforgettable journey


Unforgettable journey

Let's go on an unusual journey to one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the Central Europe together with Pyeniny — a unique audio guide. Listen to the stories about the old days, legends and beliefs. Follow the history of Pieniny from time immemorial to modern days.

Living tradition


Living tradition

Just like you would hire a guide to make your hiking more interesting, now you can use Pyeniny. It includes 26 chapters — over an hour of listening material — that present about 40 historical facts, 25 legends, myths and beliefs of the highlanders. You can listen to all these stories exactly where they took place, thanks to GPS technology.

Unusual adventure


Unusual adventure

Escape together with princess Kinga from hands of the Tatar invader. Prevail the siege behind the wall of Pieniny Castle. Reach the peak of Slavs' sacred mountain. Meet the Pieniny hermit and genius monk from Red Monastery. Have a romantic picnic together with visitors of Szczawnica health resort. Learn about tough lives of mountain peasants haunted by evil ghosts.

On the mountain trails


On the mountain trails

Guide covers four tourist trails
in the Pieniny Właściwe part:

Dunajec River Gorge
Szczawnica ➙ Červený Kláštor
(red trail)

Sromowiecka Route
Krościenko ➙ Sromowce Niżne
(yellow trail)

Tops of Pieniny
Sokolica ➙ Góra Zamkowa ➙ Trzy Korony
(blue trail)

Szczawnicka Route
Krościenko ➙ Sosnów Pass
(green trail)

How does it work?


Download the application and set off! You don’t need to worry about Internet access because you can use Pyeniny offline!

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When you find yourself near a place of interest, you’ll receive a notification. Look at the map to see where the stories are available.

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Put your headset on or turn the sound on and listen to the recording or read the text. Remember not to disturb other tourists on your trail.

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